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Ballistic Rifle Plates

Military Ammunition - Can punch straight through a normal bullet proof vest - even if you’re hiding behind a tree, wall or vehicle.

AK 47 Assault Rifle


At Least 70 Million AK 47 Rifles  (and variants) are in current World-Wide circulation. In some countries the price of such a weapon with ammunition is a meal or a packet of  cigarettes.

Not quite what you see in the movies, some high velocity ammunition can penetrate the engine block of a car, pass through thick trees with ease, punch straight through brick walls and still retain the energy to penetrate a standard bullet vest.

To prevent penetration of military bullets, upgrade plates are used on top of NIJ Level IIIA armour. Plates are invariably supplied in 10 X 12 inch sizes for use in the front and rear upgrade pockets

An armour piercing bullet has a weight in excess of a one pound coin () and moves at nearly 2,000 miles per hour. It will not stop (in a practical distance), unless confronted by an area of exceptionally hard substance. The materials used to stop high energy bullets are invariably made of ceramics. We use substances that are similar to imitation diamonds to break the energy of such missiles. The ceramics are so hard that they can not be engineered or manipulated by any means available other than diamond or Boron Nitride cutting methods. An engineering workshop grindstone will be damaged if it touches our high level plates

AK 47 Plates are a BODYARMOUR UK Exclusive. We make these as an inexpensive alternative to Level III & IV. they stop standard ammunition from M16 and SA80 rifles. They will also take one shot at  NIJ Level III. We have sucessfully tested the plate at 3 shots (level III) at 100mm spacing, but prefer to supply it as a one shot plate.

Did you Know?

  • There are more (probably - 2003 figures) guns than cars in the World today
  • 640 Million guns are in global circulation - one for every 10 of us
  • Guns Amnesties - although  much welcomed; 10 new weapons are manufactured for every one destroyed
  • Bullets kill 500,000 people a year globally
  • 8 Million guns are manufactured per year
  • 14,000,000,000 - 14 Billion rounds of ammunition are made every year - enough to kill us all (twice). That’s without using stock.
  • Globally, the military and police manage to loose a million guns a year
  • The UK - 2003 Guns Amnesty - 17,000 firearms and 450,000 rounds submitted
  • UK Guns in circulation - no reliable statistics. Our estimates based on media publications is approximately 2 million
  • 11,000 firearms related incidents were dealt with by 43 UK police forces in 2004
  • The bullet that hit US President Reagan in March 1981 bounced of his armoured car before striking him.

Stab Vest, Stab Vests, Stab Proof Vest and Stab Proof Vests are common terms for body armour with a defined level of resistance to a knife or pointed weapon. The same also applies to bullet proof vest terminology - bullet proof vests have a defined level of ballistic resistance.

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