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Bulletproof (Ballistic) Briefcases

Made as disguised executive briefcases using identical material to our police shields, our ballistic briefcases are made in three styles in a variety of colours. Each case has a permanent (non removable) bullet proof (resistant to NIJ 0101.04 protection level) panel concealed inside the half that would normally be laid flat against the desktop.

Each Bullet Proof (Resistant) Briefcase has combination locks, leather interior and exterior and a  NIJ IIIA bullet-proof panel professionally concealed inside. putting these ballistic briefcases in a league of their own.

Ballistic Briefcases to NIJ 0101.04
Bullet Proof Briefcase

Bullet Proof briefcases are generally deployed to protect the head. In light of this our cases are designed to be used whilst closed.

Some suppliers offer bullet resistant briefcases that are designed to be used whilst open. Our bullet proof briefcase is a “no nonsense” shield to protect the head in an life threatening situation. If a larger ballistic shield is required then our “response shield” (button below) might be of special interest.

Price: 599.95 ex vat. 719.94 inclusive of vat.

Stab Vest, Stab Vests, Stab Proof Vest and Stab Proof Vests are common terms for body armour with a defined level of resistance to a knife or pointed weapon. The same also applies to bullet proof vest terminology - bullet proof vests have a defined level of ballistic resistance.

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