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Ballistic Clipboard

Ballistic Clipboard

This anti-ballistic shield has the appearance of a standard issue clipboard. Originally designed for use at vehicle and high security check-points in Northern Ireland, the ballistic clipboard is often standard issue for certain government personnel travelling in cars deemed high risk.
The BODY ARMOUR UK Clipboard provides the best possible protection to police officers involved in traffic & counter terrorism operations. The unit is fitted with a rigid handle. Weight 1.35 Kgs, 390 X 310mm. Thickness 9.5mm
Made from the same material as the entire shield range the unit conforms to NIJ IIIA penetration tests.

Ballistic Clipboard Product Code: BC-1

Price 289.43 ex vat. 347.32 inclusive of vat.

Stab Vest, Stab Vests, Stab Proof Vest and Stab Proof Vests are common terms for body armour with a defined level of resistance to a knife or pointed weapon. The same also applies to bullet proof vest terminology - bullet proof vests have a defined level of ballistic resistance.

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