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Car Escape Tool


Fasten the car escape tool to your existing car key ring for permanent peace of mind. This little gadget will shatter toughened vehicle glass to allow emergency exit from an accident damaged car.

It will also simply cut through seat belts that are unable to be removed it the normal manner.

Pulling the black ringed portion shown in top picture will render the tool effective. If the keys can’t be removed from the ignition block following an accident, the tool can be simply pulled away from the full key ring.

Once the car escape tool is free from the detachable ringed portion, the seat belt cutter blade is exposed - bottom picture.

Sliding or pulling the blade slit over the seat belt will easily cut the seat belt away.

Third picture down is the glass breaker - pressing the spring loaded face into the glass will cause it to instantaneously shatter. The force required is minimal, and it can easily be used by a female with limited strength.

The glass breaker is effective on normal and toughened glass. It does not work on windscreens, which are laminated glass.

The emergency car escape tool is a superb article for anyone involved with rescue and emergency service work.

Product Code CET-1

Price 15.44 (18.53)

Available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow

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