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Police Duty Belts in Six Standard Styles

Police Duty Belts to compliment our body armour systems. We offer an exceptional range of standard equipment holders in high quality leather or tough nylon. A complete range of duty belt accessories are also available

Utility Belts for Police and Security Use

Highest quality leather police duty belt with three point locking buckle. Reverse side is Loop Velcro lined to be compatible with Hook Velcro “Inner Duty Belts”

Product Code: LB-01.
Ex Vat 19.53 Inc Vat 23.44

Reflective Utility Belt

Reflective Police or Security Duty belt made in EN471 Reflective Silver. Appears grey in daylight and becomes highly reflective white in subdued lighting.
Excellent choice for night shift security and police officers.

Product Code: NB-06. Ex Vat 21.23 Inc Vat 25.48

standard Issue Police Duty Belt

Standard Nylon Belt reverse lined with Velcro. The “Original Police” Belt is as popular as ever due to its simplicity and never failing reliability.

Product Code: NB-02
Ex Vat 11.02 Inc Vat 13.22

UK Standard Issue Police Duty Belt compatible with our Belt Accessories

Three Point “Cop Lock” Nylon Belt. Probably the best selling system to police forces as of today. Classy appearance and impeccable reliability make this belt a favourite with many UK Police Forces.

Product Code: NB-01.
Ex Vat 11.02 Inc Vat 13.22


Simplicity and practicality make this twin pin leather belt a style that will never become obsolete. If you need a large quantity of belts for undetermined waist sizes - this is the belt. Massive adjustment without resorting to fidgeting with Velcro make the this belt a definite first choice for multiple users.
Product Code: LB-03. Ex Vat 19.53 Inc Vat 23.44

Police Duty Belt with Coplock and Blue and White Chequer

Right: Police EN471 Compliant duty belt. The original retro - reflective police belt. Instantly recognisable as a “Police Belt”. Superb choice for night duties, and equally suited to 24/7 use.

Product Code: NB-03. Ex Vat 21.23 Inc Vat 25.48

Paramedic Duty Belt with Coplock with Green and White Chequer

Right:  Ambulance / Paramedic duty belt. The original retro reflective paramedic belt. Instantly recognisable as a “Medic Belt”. Superb safety choice for night duties, and equally suited to 24/7 use. EN471 Compliant reflective material.

Product Code: NB-05. Ex Vat 21.23 Inc Vat 25.48

Inner Duty Belt - A sticky inside belt to make your kit belt stay where you want it

Inner Duty Belt
Inner Duty Belt for Security Style Belts

Inner duty belt - Product code NBA-03

Price Ex Vat 8.47 Inc Vat 10.16

The Inner Duty Belt is worn like a normal belt - through the belt loops of your trousers and fastens by Velcro overlap shown in the left picture. The exposed outer side of the belt is Hook Velcro coated to match the inside Loop Velcro surface of all nylon belt styles. The advantage of this item is having no buckle to bulge the utility belt and the comfort of not having a buckle next to the body when seated.

Duty Belt Back Support

Back Belt Support for Security Equipment Belts

Belts worn for sustained periods with plenty of kit, can cause back pain. Most kit is worn at the front for obvious accessibility reasons, causing a disproportionate load on a single vertebrae. Using the duty belt back support reduces this discomfort to a minimum.
Nominal dimensions: Width 295mm. Height 120mm

Product Code: NBA-02  Ex Vat 7.27 Inc Vat 8.72

Webbing / Duty Belt Extenders

We supply utility belt extenders in standard buckle and 3 point “Cop Lock” types. They cause a 125mm (5 inch) increase in belt length as supplied. There is marginal adjustment of approx plus or minus one half inch. Each extender is supplied with 2 complete buckles.


Product Code: NBA-00
Ex Vat 8.85 Inc Vat 10.62


Product Code: NBA-01
Ex Vat 7.31 Inc Vat 8.77

Police / Security Duty Belt Sizes

Utility belt sizes are listed below in a table. Your belt will be delivered fitting the minimum size quoted. It can be adjusted on each side of the buckle to the maximum size quoted. Measurements are in Inches.

Belt Style




All Plastic Buckle “Cop Lock” Utility Belt Types and Inner Duty Belts

Extra Small












X Large



XX Large



Leather Twin Pin Belt, Product Code: LB-03

Extra Small












X Large



XX Large



The above table relates to police and security belts we supply. Sizes may be custom produced for extreme officers. Please measure where you intend to actually wear the belt - if it will be on your hips one day and over a rain coat the next - we would advise the LB-3 Type.

The two buttons below will take you to utility belt accessories which slide onto police utility belts.

Stab Vest, Stab Vests, Stab Proof Vest and Stab Proof Vests are common terms for body armour with a defined level of resistance to a knife or pointed weapon. The same also applies to bullet proof vest terminology - bullet proof vests have a defined level of ballistic resistance.

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