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Mobile Phone Holders and Police Duty Belt Accessories

All the police belt accessories listed below can be used with any of our 50 mm utility belts

Left: Tough Nylon “D Cell” Maglite holder with press stud closure to protect the lens.

Code: NBA-16
Ex Vat 7.88 Inc Vat 9.46

Right: Mobile Phone holder With Velcro loop to attach to belt without the need remove other pouches.
Alternative plastic “dog clip” to attach pouch to trouser loop.

Code: NBA-29

Ex Vat 6.51
Inc Vat 7.81

Mobile Phone Holder

Mobile Phone Holders that attach to Airwaves type docks found on some of our body armour range and to many other standard police and security clothing. The centre picture (female belt dock) is supplied free with the NBA-30 and NBA-31.

Mobile Phone Holder with a Klickfast Docking System

Ex Vat 12.38
Inc Vat 14.86

Klickfast Dock for Mobile Phone Holders

Ex Vat 14.34
Inc Vat 17.21

Hi Vis Mobile Phone Holder


Left: D Cell Maglite holder
Tough nylon construction

Code: NBA-17

Ex Vat 6.50
Inc Vat 7.80

Right: Universal Radio Holder. Accommodates Motorola sized radios. Item can be rotated to user preferred angle

Code: NBA-19
Ex Vat 12.31 Inc Vat 14.77


Right - Code: NBA-04 Nylon Belt Buckle Cover

Ex Vat 4.98
Inc Vat 5.98

buckle_cover_nylon buckle_cover_inside


Left: Set of 4 Nylon Belt Keeps. Stop your favourite kit from moving, or attach your utility  belt to any standard (dress) belt.

Fits all our standard 50mm (2 inch) Police Utility / Duty Belts

Product Code: NBA-05
Ex Vat 7.88 Inc Vat 9.46

Police Belt Pouches

Right, Standard Pouches for all 50mm police utility belts.

NBA-21 -  12 X 19 X 5 cms Ex Vat 9.90 Inc Vat 11.88
NBA-22 -  11 X 15 X 5 cms Ex Vat 9.16 Inc Vat 10.99
NBA-23 -  16 X 11 X 5 cms Ex Vat 8.62 Inc Vat 10.34
NBA-24 -  12 x 20 X 7 cms Ex Vat 14.20 Inc Vat 17.04
NBA-25 -  11 x 11 cms Ex Vat 3.83 Inc Vat 4.60



Left and Right

Retractable Key Holder. Ideal for Cuff Key or key that must remain with the wearer.

Extends to 1.2 metres, with automatic rewind feature.

Code: NBA-11

Ex Vat 12.25 Inc Vat 14.70



Left: Nylon Belt Loop for Keys and Dog Clip attachments.

Code NBA-07

Ex Vat 3.30 Inc Vat 3.96

Right: Chrome Belt Loop for Keys and Dog Clip attachments.

Code NBA-08

Ex Vat 3.83 Inc Vat 4.60

key ring holder with dog clip

Above: Plastic Belt Loop for Keys and general clip attachments.

Code NBA-06

Ex Vat 3.98 Inc Vat 4.78


Left: Chrome Belt Trigger for a multitude of general police and security equipment

Code NBA-14

Ex Vat 4.98 Inc Vat 5.98

Right: Silent Key Fob with Velcro closure. Stops the key jangle noise whist on duty.

Code NBA-09

Ex Vat 8.13 Inc Vat 9.76


Right: Twin Pen or Pencil holder

Code NBA-10
Ex Vat 7.98
Inc Vat 9.58

Above: Mini Maglite Holder. Fits the torch type that takes two AAA batteries

Code NBA-18
Ex Vat 7.25
Inc Vat 8.70



One Litre (1000ml) High Density plastic drinking bottle.
Matching top quality nylon holder with Velcro pocket for water purification tablets (not supplied).

Product Code: BA-06

Ex Vat 12.76
Inc Vat 15.31

Stab Vest, Stab Vests, Stab Proof Vest and Stab Proof Vests are common terms for body armour with a defined level of resistance to a knife or pointed weapon. The same also applies to bullet proof vest terminology - bullet proof vests have a defined level of ballistic resistance.

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